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The Chatham, MI Business Directory

Welcome to the Chatham, Michigan Business Directory.  We will take a look at most of the village's businesses, what kind of products they sell, or what kind of activities they perform as businesses.   We will take a look at their location in town and delve a little into their histories. There are a lot more businesses in Chatham than you may think, but all of them are small, locally owned businesses.  So take a look through our Chatham business directory, and see why these businesses are so special. 
The Chatham Co-op
The Chatham Co-op has been a part of the village of Chatham for a long time and is the major business in town.  It's been in the same building near the junction of M-94/H-01 since the 1940's and 1950's.  The Co-op underwent a major renovation and expansion in 1998 and now the business serves the community bigger and better than ever.  The Co-op sells a great variety of products throughout the store, not to mention the other varieties of groceries they have always sold for many years.  The Chatham Co-op continues to sell hardware products and have even expanded the product line, thanks to the major addition in 1998.  Now, you should be able to find whatever kind of hardware product you need in town without having to drive 30 miles to a big store.  It's quality, comfort, and convenience right close to home, and it's right here in Chatham, Michigan. PHONE #: 439-5151
Rock River Cafe

The Rock River Cafe is now closed.   

About the building: It's been part of Chatham for much of the history of the village and the township, standing for over 100 years.  The building was built in 1904 of limestone from a nearby quarry and has served as a hotel during much of its history.  It also served as an emergency medical hospital in 1918 during a flu epidemic.  The building has also been closed during periods between owners.   
Mama Cow's Ice Cream
A new business has set up shop within the Chatham Village limits and it's the area's very own ice cream shop.  The shop opened up in August 2015 on land formerly owned by the Richmond and Hawley Lumber Company along highway M-94.  It features ice cream from The Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company based out of Wisconsin in either hand-dipped, soft-served, slushies, and even mixed ice cream treats.  The shop is opened seasonally during the warmer months of the year.  For more information on Mama Cow's, please check out their facebook page:  Mama Cow's Ice Cream
TDS Telecom
Another business that has served the community for many years is the Chatham Telephone Company, which is now referred to as TDS Telecom.  The telephone company covers a 650 square-mile area and serves over 2000 customers.  The first telephones came to the village in 1904, and things have only gotten better since.  The telephone system underwent a major upgrade in the 1980's with underground cable, and even internet service, including DSL, was made available in the mid-1990's.  TDS Telecom is located at E-3708 Marquette Street right in the heart of Chatham.  It's dedicated to serving the community, and serving you (keep in mind that if you need technical support for an issue, you will have to call a long distance number as TDS no longer maintains a local presence in its Chatham office - except for its technicians).
The Village Inn
A business that has served the community well is the Village Inn, located less than a half mile from downtown Chatham, across from the U.P. Experiment Station on M-94.  This modern 16-room hotel was built in the mid-1990's, when the need for a modern hotel amplified with increasing tourism events in the county and after snowmobiling exploded as a popular wintertime activity around the Chatham area.  The Village Inn now makes it a convenience to stay right in town, instead of finding someone to stay with around Chatham, or driving 15 to 30 miles out of the way.  It's usually filled to capacity during snowmobile season, as the main snowmobile trail runs just north of downtown Chatham. Need a place to live in Chatham? The Village Inn also has efficiency apartments available (please check for availability).  It's been a much needed addition to the village and continues to serve visitors to Chatham and surrounding areas well.
Check out their website:  The Village Inn of Chatham 
People's State Bank
The village of Chatham has always had a bank within its limits, which is true to this day.  The bank building in Chatham has been owned by a variety of different banks over the years, including the Trenary State Bank, MFC First National Bank and Well's Fargo.  Today, People's State Bank oversees the bank's operations.  People's State Bank, which has become a mainstay in the nearby community of Munising, has expanded its services to the people of Chatham and the surrounding community.  PSB has expanded throughout Alger county, now owning banks in Grand Marais, AuTrain, Shingleton, Wetmore, and Chatham.  It's a hometown, friendly-style bank that has been missing in the village for many years, and one we now have.  Friendly faces await you at the counter to serve your needs.  PHONE #439-2265
Northern Lights Community Federal Credit Union
A long-time business that has served the area for many years is the Northern Lights Community Federal Credit Union, Formerly the Chatham-Eben FCU.  It has been home to a few different locations throughout, but is now located in a new building near the M-94/Rock River Road (H-01) Junction.  The credit union is a locally owned and operated business that thrives on the business of the community, and that is what a credit union is all about.  The credit union is a friendly alternative to today's corporate banking operations.  Not only does it serve the Chatham and Eben communities, but also other rural areas of AuTrain, Trenary, and Rumely.  The checking accounts are top notch compared to any other bank in the area.  Just another one of those hometown businesses that makes Chatham what it is.  PHONE #: 439-5100 or on-line
Chatham Laundromat - Car Wash & Storage
A big-city convenience close to home is right here in Chatham.  The Chatham Laundromat and car wash has served the community for some time.  The complex is located along M-94 just west of the M-94/H-01 junction.  Originally home to the Richmond Oil Company, the Laundromat has several washers and driers for any sized load of clothing.  A change machine is available at the Laundromat, along with a pop machine and snack machine.  The car wash was added onto the Laundromat in the late 1980's, and serves as a convenient way to wash one's car anytime of the year.  There is a small cost involved, so bring enough change to do a complete wash.  Washing, waxing, and rinse cycles are available, along with a scrub brush for the dirtiest of cars.  It's right here in Chatham, Michigan.  

This business is for sale!  It is listed by Land and Lakes Real Estate Company in Munising. A great opportunity to take over a long-standing business in the community
Other Chatham-Area Businesses
Studio 5552 - The area's newest beauty salon & spa and provides great personal care. Also get a massage or lay in the tanning bed before your winter vacation.  Located in the former Porcupine Press building (near the post office) along Munising Street in Chatham.  For more information, visit Studio 5552's facebook page or call 439-5552.

Bliss Fitness - Do you feel the need to be fit for the new year?  Don't have the exercise equipment at home and don't want to travel 20+ miles out of your way to work out? Then Bliss Fitness is just what you're looking for right close to home in Chatham! Located in the former Porcupine Press building (near the post office) along Munising Street in Chatham. For more information, visit Bliss Fitness's facebook page or call (906) 202-9216.

The VIllage Pub - I am happy to say that the Village Pub has re-opened after sitting vacant for a short while.  Updates have been made to the interior and exterior of the building and the pub offers an extensive menu of great food and spirits.  Be sure to check out the new and improved Village Pub as you drive through.  The Pub on facebook.

The Chatham Manor Apartments - located along Gladstone street next to the Post Office. Apartments are available for the disabled and those 62 years of age and older.   One bedroom apartments based on income. Laundry facilities on site. Electricity, heat, and water included. PHONE #: 439-5101.

-Brian's Auto Glass - Located in the former Fred's Service Building (439-5432).
-A Bride's Choice - Located just south of Chatham Corners (439-5501).  A second location is also open in Marquette next to Good Will.
-Great Lakes Photography - Located just west of Chatham on M-94 (439-1551).
-Verbrigghe Excavating - Located off Tunteri Road south of Chatham (439-5419).
-Whispering Pines Foster Care - Located north of Chatham on Finns Spur Road (439-5917).
-Whitmarsh Builders Inc. - Call 439-5215 for more information.

If you see anything here that needs correcting, or you would like to see a business added to the Chatham Business Directory, please contact me via e-mail.


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