Monday, May 5, 2014

The New School Dedication

From Dreams to Reality
The following speech was presented by Mr. Kim Peterson, President of the Superior Central Board of Education at the dedication ceremony of the new school.

"When I was in school, just 12 miles up the road there was another school - that also had a basketball team - and the day before we were to play, Coach Ellis would become a nervous wreck and start saying things like - "Beat Eben, you know you gotta beat Eben."  

Meanwhile, 12 miles up the road in Eben, team members were hearing the same thing about Trenary, from coaches with names like Depew or Jacobson.  This was not just another basketball game, this was important.  

What a rivalry!  We brought out the best in each other.  Rivalries like this don't just happen - they are born.  Born of respect - mutual respect for people who never gave up - never quit. 
Both teams knew that the other would never give up.  And after the games, the fans would get together and say things like: good luck or tough luck, or just think what we could do if we were together! 

If we were together!  How many times have we heard that over the years?

But, to bring us together, would mean change, and change is never easy.  It takes people with vision to bring about change - to see the need to change.  People with the courage to let go, of something they are used to, so they can make things better, not for themselves, but for their children.

In this case, change meant consolidation. 

Just as change is never easy, neither is consolidation.  But I see no need to rehash our growing pains.  After all, some problems were expected, others were not.  All were handled and that is why we are here today.

For a school to be successful, it needs the support of its people.  People with the vision to see the needs as they arise and the courage to bear the burden.

The courage to bear the burden, not every school district has that kind of support.
The results of your quick action are here for you to see today.  Not only in the new high school wing and new library, but in improvements in the whole school.

We now have the buildings that will help us grow educationally.  Buildings that provide science rooms and lab stations, computer and business rooms.  Buildings that provide room for  the implementation of the middle school concept for our 7th and 8th grades, during their transition period between elementary and high school.  Buildings that provide offices for our administrators. 
Energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing buildings, capable of taking us well into the next century.

So, on behalf of the students, the support staff and teachers, the administration and the Board of Education.  I would like to welcome you to this dedication of your new school.

It's well named - It's Superior Central - dedicated to the people in the district."

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